Planning Proposals & Rezoning

The legislative framework for any development plan is to identify the specific purpose for the land and why rezoning is the best option. The planning proposal report is aimed at protecting the sensitivity of the land, and the zoning report explains any changes to the parcel of land. This should show whether the increase or decrease in the land will affect the area and people around it.

A formal amendment is required before rezoning land, and this report must be consistent with local & state planning direction. Before applying, we will discuss the proposal which usually includes the signed rezoning application form, concepts plans, cover letter, and more. The report will consider environmental plans, rezoning request, land use, center or infrastructure, and other details.

It is best to hire a committed consultant that understands your development project and will provide you with the right professional assistance. Metro Planning Services can support you in preparing a concise planning or rezoning proposal which outlines the justification for any changes.

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