Project Management

Project Management

Your project is a temporary endeavour that you are undertaking to create something unique, and this is usually outside of your typical day-to-day operations. Without a qualified Project Manager, you could end up in trouble.

This is why “Project Management” is synonymous with the development industry. A Project Management company can help you to lead the team on this project and decide which actions to take next.

Why use Metro Planning Services? 

We can help to provide clarity on the vision and direction of your project, by identifying the aim of the project and a clear point of contact. We engage and maintain communication with multiple stakeholders, keeping project teams abreast of project developments.

  • Project work is efficient:
    A project can only be completed properly when tasks are clearly defined. We work with the team to ensure that each task is done as efficiently as possible.


  • We take control of project scope:
    The scope of the project includes the work that will be done to deliver the project, and we continue to address the scope of the project from beginning until end through regular monitoring.


  • We help you manage cost and time:
    Most projects fall short of delivering within budget and time, so we ensure that your money and resources are being used efficiently.


  • One of the biggest challenges of projects is the time:
    We ensure your project is under control and the lifecycle is followed to meet the deadline.


  • We don’t just handle your project, we schedule your project:
    All project tasks are done in the right order. The time needed for each task is calculated, and any problems that may delay the project completion on the deadline will be dealt with.


  • We deal with potential risks:
    No matter how well you plan a project, there is always a chance of potential risk. We help you to identify potential risks, assess the impact the risk might have, and create a plan on how to manage or avoid the risk.


  • We help administer procurement: 
    If some projects require outsourcing, we help you manage these contracts and control the terms of working with them.


  • We help you close and evaluate your project:
    After the goals set for the project have been met, we document and review the project which incorporates notes on some lessons that we can take on to the next project.

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