Designated Development

Designated Development is a proposed development where there is likely to be a high-impact on the surroundings. For example, if it will generate pollution or if the location is an environmentally sensitive area.

To submit an application, the best step to take is hiring a professional that can help you prepare everything that will accompany the report. Metro Planning Services has extensive experience in preparing complex Environmental Impact Statements and Development Applications in support of Designated Developments across NSW.

Some of the projects that we have negotiated successfully for our clients include:

Concrete Batching Plant, Kalaru-Preparation of EIS Report & Project Management Services

Gravel Pits, Bega Valley-Preparation of EIS Report & Project Management Services

Hard Rock Quarries, Brogo-Preparation of EIS Report & Project Management Services

Water Irrigation Dam, Tilba-Preparation of EIS Reports & Project Management Services


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