Statement of Environmental Effects


Statement of Environmental Effects

A Statement of Environmental Effects is a report that explains the impact that the proposed project will have on the environment, and the measures that will be taken to mitigate this impact. The report also contains a detailed assessment of how the proposed project relates to the relevant policy and requires well-designed plans for control of the land and type of development.

This document is part of all Development Applications, no matter how minor the environmental risk is. The report must address all steps that will be taken to protect the community and environment, and usually includes detailed information about the planning proposal and drawings. The report should assess whether the site of the project is suitable and consider any constraints such as geology, topography, flooding or water issues, proximity to transport, compatibility with land zoning and visual setting, condition and age of the building, local planning objectives etc.

The Statement of Environmental Effects addresses all issues that are applicable to the development proposal, along with present and previous use of the land. The best person you can call to prepare this report is the Town Planner. This is why Metro Planning Services can provide the expertise needed to complete this important document which will accompany your Development Application.


A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is a vital component of any development proposal in Australia. It is a comprehensive document that meticulously outlines the environmental impacts associated with the proposed development and details the strategies for mitigating these impacts. The SEE serves as a crucial tool for both the project proponent and the relevant authorities to assess the environmental sustainability of the project.

The SEE goes beyond what can be visually represented in plans and drawings, offering a written narrative that provides an in-depth understanding of the proposal’s environmental implications. It is an integral part of the development application process, helping to ensure that the project aligns with local environmental regulations and policies.

In this document, we outline the various aspects that a SEE typically covers, from the assessment of potential pollution sources to the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas. It’s important to note that the exact content of an SEE can vary depending on the nature of the development, its scale, and its location.

Our team at Metro Planning specialises in the preparation of Statements of Environmental Effects, ensuring that your development proposal not only complies with Australian environmental standards but also fosters responsible and sustainable practices. We understand that environmental stewardship is a cornerstone of modern development, and we work closely with our clients to articulate their commitment to minimising environmental impacts and enhancing the ecological well-being of the surrounding area.

By entrusting Metro Planning with the preparation of your SEE, you can be confident that your project will be well-positioned for approval, meeting all regulatory requirements while contributing positively to the local environment. Contact us today to learn more about how our expertise can benefit your development proposal.

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