Whether it be a torrens title, Strata title, stratum title or community title subdivision, Metroplanning Services has extensive experience and expertise with subdivision proposals and have connections with reputable Surveyors.

We have facilitated numerous large and smaller developments across Greater Western Sydney, south coast and south east region of NSW.

There are three primary forms of subdivision which may be undertaken:

1) Torrens Title Subdivisions – As a rule of thumb, Torrens Title Subdivision applies where the development is over ground level only e.g. side-by-side dual occupancy.

2) Community Title Subdivisions – Community Title Subdivision is usually for larger development which involves the creation of common property e.g. recreational facilities which may be used by all residents.

3) Strata Title Subdivisions – Strata Title Subdivision may be applied for when the development affects more than one level e.g. tall buildings.

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